How To Cope With Fourth Grade Math Homework Problems- 5 Strategies

There are times when your child may need some help with their fourth grade math homework. Math is not easy for a lot of kids. It can be very confusing. There are many things to remember. Here are some really good ways to cope with the problems learning the concepts or completing the homework.

  1. Take notes
  2. Encourage your child to copy down the things that their teacher writes on the board. You can also read their text book with them and teach them how to take notes. You want to make sure that they break down the problems to complete them in steps. Don’t let them skip steps in the process even if they think that they can do the math in their heads.

  3. Practice all the time
  4. When your child is learning their multiplication facts, quiz them in the car ride. Give them real life problems like “if all three of us get three cookies, how many total cookies do we need to make.” When your child sees how the problems relate to things, they will be easier to understand.

  5. Math lab
  6. Encourage them to stay after school to get extra help from the math lab. It is such a great resource because they will learn helpful tips on completing problems. The extra time working on the problems with their teacher will help them remember the problems.

  7. Watch videos
  8. There are some video libraries right online that explain step by step how to complete various problems and they can be very helpful for your child to watch. Find one that records their progress so that you can reward them for their efforts. Watch them with your child so that you can help them complete the problems in the way that they learned how to complete them.

  9. Ask for help
  10. If you find that you are unable to help your child, don’t be afraid to ask for help. You can talk with the school. Many schools will have meetings with a group of parents to teach them how to complete the problems. The way students do division today is much different from how it was taught in the past. These meetings can help you learn how to do the problems the way they are taught now so that you can help your child better. It is a great way to provide them specific help.

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