Dealing With Difficult Organic Chemistry Homework Assignments

Before you take an organic chemistry class, you will need to fully understand chemistry. The organic class will cover the study of all substances that are found in living organisms. These are the carbon compounds. The study is of organic compounds and organic materials. Carbon is the third largest element that is found in the body. It is a challenging science subject. As you work through this challenging class, follow our survival tips.

Survival Tips

  • Ask questions-even if you are shy, you must ask questions in class. The odds are great that the other kids in the science class have the exact same questions that you have. The teacher will move ahead with the next idea if you do not ask questions and request more examples.
  • Take notes-the notes you take in class will be helpful when you have nightly chem homework and weekend work. Take thorough notes and if you miss a day, you need to make sure you have a study buddy who can give you any notes you missed.
  • Go for extra help-teachers are required to hold extra help sessions either before or after school. If you are struggling, then you need to attend those extra help sessions. If you have a conflict, ask the teacher if you can have a session at another time.
  • Use the extra lab time-in addition to extra help sessions, many teacher hold an extra lab session after school. Ask your teacher if he or she does this, and if the teacher does not hold one, ask the teacher if this is something that can happen.
  • Hire a tutor if necessary-if you have done all of the above, and you are still struggling, hire a tutor for the extra help. A personal tutor can provide you with the extra attention that you need for assignment success. Tutors can be expensive, so review your budget and see how much you can afford to spend. You will need to see how often you can realistically see a tutor. If you miss a session without a 24-hour cancellation notice, you will be charged. Most tutors charge a minimum of $30.00 an hour session.
  • Form a peer study group-you can talk to your friends and see who wants to create a peer study group. You and your friends can help each other with the assignments in this difficult science class.

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