10 Unique Spelling Homework Ideas For Middle School Students

Practicing spelling should be easy and fun for middle school students. This can be achieved using creative spelling homework ideas that have proven to produce excellent results. You do not require extra or expensive resources to achieve your goal. The ideas will encourage the student to keep practicing beyond the homework hours.

  1. Write the spelt words- writing leaves a stronger and lasting impression in the mind of the student. You may use different colors to make it more interesting. The words may be written on a board, paper, computer or any other approved surface.

  2. Spell out loud- this trick offers multiple advantages. It helps the child to hear his voice, practice pronunciation and also master the spelling. The words will also be easier to recognize elsewhere.

  3. Use cards- blocks, scrabble tiles and flash cards are a fun way to spell. It may be a part of a game or just for spelling purposes. A competition will help in igniting creativity.

  4. Limit the number of words- when dealing with a long list, focusing on a few of them at a time is encouraged. It allows the spelling to be imprinted in the mind before taking on another batch.

  5. Change the order- draw attention away from the spelling to something like the order of words. The words could be written alphabetically or beginning with the longest.

  6. Play a game- crossword puzzles, word search, hangman, etc are excellent ideas of games that will simplify spelling. Let the child win and even ‘correct’ you where possible. It will build confidence.

  7. Combine with physical activity- let the child jump for every letter or even walk up and down the stairs. It is a fun and active way to learn. It also makes spelling part of normal life.

  8. Provide a dictionary- it helps the student to look up the difficult words. Once the words have been found, they should be written and pronounced loudly.

  9. Sing- creating a melody out of words makes them easier to remember. A memorable tune will also make spelling easier to master.

  10. Repeat- repetition allows words to stick in mind. Whichever method you use to complete your spelling homework, be repetitive. Repeat the written, spoken, acted and sung words as many times as possible.

The best way to complete your spelling homework for middle school is to make it fun. Set aside a specific time and place to send a signal to the mind that you are engaged in serious business. Use a dictionary when in doubt.

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