Homework Help: 5 Common Mistakes You Should Never Do Again

When leaving the house it is smart to have a checklist of important items. Did you lock the door? Unplug the flat iron? Turn up the thermostat? Bring in the dog? Shut off the coffee pot? Lock the door? These are the thoughts often swimming in our minds when we leave the house. A good way to avoid feeling this sense of confusion is to have a set checklist of items upon leaving the house. For example, checking the yard, powering down, and locking up—these simple prompts—can save you trouble when leaving the house. Similarly, common mistakes can be made with your homework. Below we have outline five common mistakes you can remind yourself in order to make sure you never make them again. Check them out below:

Not Reading the Directions

Although this is the most obvious piece of advice, it is often overlooked. It is imperative to read the instruction before beginning your assignment. Detailed information or specifications can be provided in the instructions—without these details you may not complete the work correctly. By being fully informed you put your best foot forward for beginning the assignment.

Plagiarizing Others’ Work

Another thing to consider when completing your work is plagiarism. Plagiarism is when you take someone else’s work and present it as your own. You want to be sure to avoid a situation in which you could be accused of cheating. Be mindful of this when using other people’s work for your assistance and when using outside resources. You can avoid plagiarism by rewording and putting things into your own words.

Not Checking Your Answers

Checking your answers is crucial to avoiding mistakes. Some ways that you can check your answer is comparing with friends, looking online, consulting teachers, and searching for an answer key in the book or elsewhere. By making sure you have done your work correctly you can avoid losing points and this leads us into our next common mistake. Some ways you can check your work are by reviewing your math, rereading, and checking information.

Making Silly Mistakes

It is easy to make silly mistakes when doing your work quickly or when you are unclear of the assignment details. By referring to steps one and three the risk of silly mistakes can be greatly minimized. Some easy silly mistakes you can make that you can keep in mind are errors in addition/multiplication, spelling errors, small mix-ups, incomplete sentences, and more. Remain conscious of small details like these while completing your work.

Waiting Until the Last Minute

Lastly, waiting until the last minute is a very common mistake. There are many things that can arise when completing an assignment. Planning time for these roadblocks will help you. For instance, you may not be able to find needed information. The printer can act up. You can forget your book at school. Anything can come up. By completing your work in advance you give yourself time to correct these random occurrences.

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