Time Management And Homework Activities: 5 Good Suggestions

It is often seen that while reluctance to do homework is the most commonly observed problem among youngsters, the confusion regarding time management is not very much lagging behind in popularity either. With due credits to the hectic schedule that one has to cope up with in today’s world, it can be appropriately said that time management is indeed a very difficult task.

With proper discipline and dedication one can manage their homework within the time period but then precisely this is where lies the problem- expecting a very calm and disciplined attitude from children is way too much of a demand. However, if you can make your ward abide by the following suggestions, completion of homework within the given time will get a lot easier.

  • Practice writing fast: Increase your writing speed. Practice writing everyday using a stopwatch by your side and slowly increase the rate of your note- making. The faster you can write, the faster you can complete your homework. The same is applicable for math in particular. With more practice you are likely to be able to solve a given set of problem faster than ever.
  • Draw up a routine and try to follow it as accurately as you can: Draw a routine according to the usual amount of home work you get each day and try and follow it dedicatedly. Allot a time span for each subject and try to complete the respective homework within that time period.
  • Do not waste time: often we do not even realize that we are actually wasting time maybe by idling. Identify such moments and try to put them into some constructive uses.
  • Analyze your daily work and determine the best way to complete it fast: The same set of work can be completed within different time spans depending on how you do them. Experiment with your daily average homework and find out in what way you can do it the fastest.
  • Be clean and organized: Often the clutters on our desks or the mess in our bookshelf become the major cause wastage of time as we often tend to lose things in this clutter. Maybe you need a pen but you cannot find your pen-bag. So clean up your study=room periodically so as to avoid such unnecessary delays.

Time management and discipline goes hand in hand so no matter what, you should discipline your life to be able to manage your homework and other activities accordingly.

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