Outstanding Reading Homework Ideas For 2nd Grade Students

The key to making reading homework fun for 2nd grade students is keeping things fun while engaging creativity and motivation from the class. There are lots of great activities students will find challenging but rewarding to learn, such as practicing synonyms and antonyms, exercising reading comprehension, engaging in story-telling and writing and much more. Here are some outstanding reading homework ideas for 2nd grade students you might want to consider:

  1. Identification of key parts of written language. This idea asks students to identify different parts of language within their reading assignment. For instance, each student will have to find five verbs, five nouns, five adjectives, etc.

  2. Vocabulary in-text word search. This simple idea requires students to find specific vocabulary words within the text of an assignment. To keep this interesting, add a theme and have students guess that theme.

  3. Playing antonym versus synonym tic-tac-toe. Distribute tic-tac-toe cards and have students play with one person. For every adjective, have the student come up with either an antonym or synonym. If they do so correctly they can place an X somewhere on the game card.

  4. Guess my word vocabulary game. Provide clues from the reading assignment and have students guess a specific word using vocabulary clues from what they have just read.

  5. Descriptive words of the season. Ask your students to find as many descriptive words of the season within the reading homework assignment. Offer prizes for finding the most as well as for the most creative.

  6. In-text vocabulary bingo game. Create bingo cards with different vocabulary words that students can find within the text. These cards should be distributed evenly and when students spot the words on their cards they can add a token over that word.

  7. Replace a word, change the story. Give your students a variety of words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.) and have them use those words to replace words in their reading assignment. This will change the story and each should have a unique story to tell the following day.

  8. Make a book of favorite words. Have your students make a book of the favorite words they encounter with each reading assignment. Compare words and invite students to give reasons why they have chosen specific words.

  9. Word scramble, find in-text game. Scramble a number of words from within the assignment and have your students first unscramble those words then find where they appear in the reading. This is a fun activity that is also challenging.

  10. Act out the action verbs game. Lastly, encourage your students to act out what occurs in their reading assignment. Action verbs work best but you can incorporate other words to really stimulate their imaginations.

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