The Best Way To Handle Your Homework Assignments: Tips For Middle School

School is over for the day, but you have been assigned homework from most, if not all your teachers. You don’t think you can finish them because you have middle schoolers like you have so many after-school activities such as sports or clubs. How do you go about juggling the assignments and your extracurricular activities without overwhelming yourself? Just follow some of these tips and your life will be easier.

  • Be organized
    • Being organized involves making sure that your workspace is clean
    • Make sure that your assignments are in the right folder
    • When each is completed, be sure to put them back
    • Organize work according to due date and complete those due earlier first
  • Create a routine
  • Find a designated time each day to do homework. If your day is filled with one activity after the other, it is essential you carve out time for this. By having a routine, getting work done will not feel like a drag.

  • Remove distractions
  • Remove distractions or possible distractions until you have finished your assignment. These distractions might include:

    • Television - Turn off the television, so you are not distracted by your shows or the thought of your show coming on anytime soon.
    • Cell phone - No distractions from text messages or phone calls from friends
    • Family members - They can distract you by asking you to do things that can waste time
    • Social networks
  • Prioritize
  • Since you also have after school activities, it is important to prioritize your life. For the homework, get the hardest and longest assignments done first. If necessary, prioritize the work according to due dates. This ensures that you never miss completing anything. You can use your agenda to make sure that you don’t miss anything at all.

    Prioritize extracurricular activities with your assignments. Pick which one you deem most important.

  • Class time
  • If you are given any time in class to do work, use it productively. There will be moments when the teacher finishes teaching a concept early and strongly encourages you to use the leftover time. Listen to your teacher. You can go to them for questions, if any should arise, and you can even complete your homework leaving extra time to complete others or for longer TV watching time.

Most middle school teachers assign work for their class without knowing what other teachers may have given. Follow these tips and successfully handling your assignments along with all your extracurricular activities will be a breeze.

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