Benefits Of Homework In Middle School: An Expert’s Point Of View

One of the ongoing debates in the field of education regards homework. There are arguments back and forth about the benefits with some people advocating no afterschool assignments should be given at all. Having to take projects home from school is almost as much a part of schooling as the desks. There are some benefits to assigning middle school children a certain amount of afterschool work.

  • It Encourages Time Management Development. Young learners in preteen years need to develop some concepts of time management. The work they do after school does cut into their free time but helps them better understand the importance of organizing the minutes and hours of their day.
  • The Practice Is Important. Subjects such as mathematics may not be fully understood in the classroom setting. Middle school children who take math problems home have an opportunity to practice and better understand the equations. They have the extra time to spend fully grasping what was taught in class.
  • Homework Grants the Second Chance. It is possible that the first exposure to a subject is not easy to understand. The afterschool assignments are an opportunity to once more go over the material.
  • This Keeps the Parents Engaged. Educators agonize over parents not understanding what is going on in the classroom. One of the benefits of the afterschool work is it permits parents to have a better understanding of what is being taught. Furthermore, it allows them to know how their child is progressing in understanding the material.
  • Homework Improves the Chances of Achievement. This is the conclusion of a number of studies dealing with students who are low performers. Middle school children who are having trouble seem to benefit from the extra time spent on doing assignments.

There is a caveat to the benefits. Too much homework is counterproductive. Students need to have some leisure time to relax from a hard day of school work. Teachers have to keep that in mind as they provide projects and assignments for the children. Afterschool tasks sufficient to reinforce learning is quite enough for these young people. Anything beyond that can overwhelm and perhaps cause a growth in disinterest.

Lori is something which takes up most of the time of a youngster between the ages of 6 and 18. Those hours have to be spent wisely and in a productive fashion. Middle school children can handle homework and studies outside the classroom. It furnishes opportunity to develop a better grasp of the subject.

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