High School Homework Issues: The Main Causes And Solutions

Whether or not to assign homework has grown into a seriously controversial problem at many high schools. Traditionally, students have received assignments for as long as teachers can remember. In previous decades, students would receive their assignments, do them, and turn them in the next day. Now, this is no longer the case. Students can be belligerent about their assignments and many are apathetic. Here are some of the causes and solutions regarding the great homework debate:

  • Problem: Students are too busy to complete their assignments.
  • Solution: Teachers can assign projects, but they should give several days for students to finish it. This way, high school students can work around their athletics, work, and social schedules. Students can also use homeroom or seminar time that is built into the school day to complete assignments.

  • Problem: Students do not care about completing homework.
  • Solution: Teachers should not assign homework that sets up the next day. For example, if students need to do reading prior to coming to class, that reading should be done in the classroom. This way teachers know that students are exposed to the reading. Assignments can be supplemental for those who need it; but they need to understand that the homework will benefit them somehow. And, they need to have the skills to be able to complete the work without assistance from the teacher.

  • Problem: Students refuse to do their homework.
  • Solution: Stop giving it. Why fight a losing battle? Teachers need to understand that they do not have any control over what students do when they are out of the school building. Therefore, if something is important, it should be covered and practiced during the school day. It is important to recognize that student grades should be reflective of what they can do, not what they choose not to do (but this is another controversial issue in high schools, too).

  • Problem: Students cheat on their homework.
  • Solution: Students usually cheat on their assignments because they do not see the value in completing the work. They understand that they get ¬®credit¬® for completing it, but they do not understand any other reason for actually doing the assignment. In order to fix this, assignments needs to have value. Students need to understand and recognize that their assignments will help them with something they value.

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